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John Marshall

John designs and prints beautiful naturally dyed fabrics, using katazome, the Japanese art of rice paste resist.  He
is the one who introduced us to the soymilk method for binding pigments to cloth.  Visit his site at

Jane Porter, Alexandria Textiles
Jane designs romantic, contemporary clothing for women, using naturally dyed luxury fabrics that are printed.  Her
clothing is carried in exclusive boutiques and galleries.  Jane will be showing her Spring 2005 line at Atelier in late
September.  See Jane's latest work at

Habu Textiles
Habu specializes in unique, one of a kind yarns from Japan.  They travel there frequently, seeking out the latest
fibers and trends in yarn, and offer handwoven pieces and fashion knits.

Sarah Swett

Sarah is an accomplished colorist and  tapestry weaver who uses handspun, naturally colored yarns in her woven
and knitted creations.


A pioneer in the use of organic cotton to create beautiful bedding and accessories for the home.

Seattle Weavers Guild
Black Sheep Handweavers Guild
Handweavers Guild of America
Conference of Northern California Handweavers
Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds
Earthues, A Natural Color
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Informative Web Sites

Paula Burch's web pages on dyeing.  Paula reviews dyeing techniques and resources for dyes, supplies and
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