Earthues, A Natural
Color Company
5129 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Earthues offers a line of products for Mehndi, the ancient art of body
decoration using henna.  We sell the highest quality, fresh Moroccan henna
available.  Our henna is fresh and finely ground, then passed through a 220
mesh screen to remove all plant impurities and contaminants.  We vacuum
seal the package to prevent oxidation of the henna colorant, and preserving
freshness.  The result is a powder that can be used with the finest of metal
tips to achieve a rich, dark color.  The color will last from one to four weeks
depending on your own body chemistry and the application method.  We
provide easy to use instructions for long lasting applications.

Henna kit                                                                                                $34.95
The kit contains 2 oz. of Moroccan henna - enough henna to create hundreds of
simple designs, one naturally dyed fiber exfoliating cloth, one 15 ml bottle of
essential oil, a dispenser bottle and 7 mm tip, complete instructions and patterns.  
The kit is packaged in an elegant tin, which is perfect for gift-giving.

Earthues Henna Kit                                                                                      Henna Kit contents - henna, essential
                                                                                                                           oil, applicator bottle and tip, purple       
                                                                                                                          exfoliating cloth, instructions and          
                                                                                                                          henna patterns

Henna in 2 oz packets                                                                         $22.50 (3 pkts)

Exfoliating cloth                                                                                     $9.50
Handwoven and naturally dyed with roots, bark,  and berries in a variety of colors

Henna dispenser bottle and tip                                                         $7.50
The best applicator for achieving fine lines and intricate designs

Essential oil                                                                                           $8.75
15 ml- our exclusive blend of oils are wonderfully aromatic and packaged in a
colored glass bottle for freshness. It is steam distilled for gentlest effect
on the skin

To order, call Earthues at 206-789-1065, or
Henna and Mehndi