Surface designed cloth from
Earthues' Advanced Surface
Design Techniques class
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Calendar of Events
Updated 04/23/06

August 2006 - We are so excited to be teaching in New England this August, when the weather is
spectacular and days are long.  Our journey starts in New Hampshire at Long Ridge Farm for a workshop on
European-style color gradations, and then we motor up to the Maine Coast to the unique, wind-powered
Hope Spinnery to teach dyeing on wool fleeces from the Spinnery's flock.  

Wool Dyeing in the European Tradition. August 22, 23 and 24 at Long Ridge Farm, Westmoreland, New
Hampshire.  For more information, contact Nancy Zeller at 603-313-8393 or email at
Using methods that she learned from her studies in France, Michele shows ancient ways to get a 5-step gradation in hue
and value from one dyepot.  You will be amazed at the complex, intriguing colorways you can create through this simple
system. Participants will work with natural dye extracts to get beautiful color changes and gradations on skeins of yarn
suitable for knitters.  A multitude of colors will be dyed, including indigo. Class includes lecture, discussion of dye
chemistry, a full notebook, a view of Michele's ethnographic textile collection, and information on the dyes. Course fee is
$395, which includes all materials.

Lecture - Color, Culture and Cloth.  Friday, August 25 7 - 9PM at Hope Spinnery, 725 Camden Road, Hope, ME
04847.  For more information, please contact Hope Spinnery at 207-763-4600.  This is a special slide presentation and  
opportunity to purchase textile and ethnographic art that Earthues has collected from around the world.

Dyeing as if the Earth Mattered: Introduction to Natural Dyes with Wool Fleece.  
August 26 – 27, 2006 at Hope
Spinnery, Hope, Maine,  For more information please contact  Hope Spinnery 207 763 4600 or Earthues  206 789
1065  or
In this workshop, we’ll learn how to develop tinctures with natural dye extracts, and create beautiful hues.  Working with
the ancient dyes and specialty colors from around the globe, participants will learn how to create brilliant effects through
immersion dyeing with wool fleece and yarn, using only non-toxic mordants and a unique 4-step method to create
luscious colors from one dyepot.  Michele Wipplinger of Earthues introduced the concept of natural dye extracts to the
US textile industry, and has worked extensively with these dyes for over a decade. She will share her secrets, hints and
tips for dyeing with extracts, and provide information on how to dye with respect to our natural resources.  This workshop
will be held at Hope Spinnery in Hope, Maine…a wind-powered fiber processing mill and natural dye studio. Cost for class
is $200-320 with a materials fee of $50-100 per participant.

September 2006

A Bag of Tricks - Exploring Fundamentals in Felting.  Earthues Studio, Seattle. Saturday and Sunday, September
23 and 24.  For more information, contact Earthues at 206-789-1065 or This is a two-part team-
taught class by our resident feltmaking expert, Sandra Loeffelmann, and her good friend, Iris Sullivan.  One day one, the
group will explore basic concepts of felting, including balls, daisies and monster heads.  Next, the class will work with
specialty Austrian wool to explore flat surface felting, and paint their felted "canvases" with Earthues natural dye extracts.  
On the second day, participants will practice Swedish felting techniques to make three dimensional, hollow forms to
create bags, puppets or vessels.  Day two will focus on the design and manufacture of the "Grand Bag", to create a
fabulous bat to carry all of your tricks.  Course fee is $265, materials fee to be announced at a later date.
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JulieArkell's whimsical papier
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Naturally dyed fleece from
Hope Spinnery